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    Packages Include:
  • Glass mastering from client-supplied DLT or DVD-R Master for DVD-5, or DVD dual layer master for DVD-9
  • State-of-the-art DVD-5 or DVD-9 replication
  • 3 color disc imprint
  • Digital art file prep and proof from client-supplied art file ("Your Design")
  • Optional graphic design by Trutone ("Our Design")
  • Printing of full color DVDigipaks
  • Collation & Shrink-wrap

    Disc Imprint Options:
  • Custom label design: $100
  • Additional disc imprint colors: $.04 per color, per disc up to 5 colors
  • Full color disc label negatives: $100
  • Offset disc printing: For the ultimate in full photograph reproduction at 175 lpi - $.10 each plus full color negative charges above and set up fee of $250 for orders under 5000