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Art Department Graphic Design Templates

Trutone’s Graphic Design Templates are provided so you can create your own designs that conform to our print specifications.
For your convenience we have provided templates for both MAC and PC platforms.

The downloads contain drop-in templates for Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator and any program capable of opening EPS files, such as
Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. Also available are Adobe Acrobat (PDF) templates containing measurements and
specifications so that you may recreate the templates in your desired program. If you are using a program such as Freehand, PageMaker
or Corel Draw, please export the file as a Hi-Res PDF or EPS and remove all cut and die lines before sending us your artwork.

Please note, PC users will require Win Zip to extract the templates. Mac users will require Stuffit Expander to extract the templates.

Files are accepted on CDR, DVDR or portable Flash drive.

It is necessary to include the client's name (ordering part) as well as the name of your Trutone sales or Customer Service Representative in the subject field. Files may be uploaded to our FTP site, please contact your Customer Service Representative for log in information.

Please note that all templates are provided separately. For example if you are ordering a 6 panel folder and a tray card, it will be
necessary to download the folder template, the tray card template as well as the disc imprint template.

For additional helpful information, visit Graphic Art Guidelines & FAQs and Design Studios at Trutone